North America Tractor Market - Outlook and Forecast 2023-2028

Market Overview

In 2022, the North American agricultural tractor market experienced registrations of 301,989 units, with projections indicating that this figure will reach 391,799 units by 2028. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.43% during the forecast period. In terms of horsepower, the segment comprising tractors with less than 50 HP held the largest market share in 2022.

To support farmers, the governments of the United States and Canada have implemented various policies and initiatives. These measures aim to provide financial assistance, improve infrastructure, offer competitive crop prices, waive loans, provide subsidies, and facilitate access to agricultural loans. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on enhancing farm mechanization in the region. North America’s high agricultural productivity positions it as one of the leading crop-producing regions worldwide, particularly regarding barley, wheat, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables.

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302 thousand units in 2021

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Horsepower, Drive Type, and Geography


North America

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Capitalizing on these favorable conditions, manufacturers have introduced new tractors with horsepower above 100 HP. The demand for high-power range tractors primarily stems from medium and large-scale farmers, as well as government institutions that focus on tractor rental services. Many farmers in the country possess land exceeding 10 hectares, and these individuals benefit from greater purchasing power, enabling them to afford medium and high-HP tractors.

With a population of over 376.8 million food consumers, North America represents the fifth-largest food market globally. The region has witnessed significant advancements in farm mechanization, positively impacting agricultural and industrial productivity. In terms of volume, the North American region accounts for approximately 11.4% of the global agricultural equipment market. The widespread adoption of farm mechanization practices throughout the region serves as a driving force behind the sale of new agricultural tractors.

Unfortunately, the North American agricultural tractor market experienced a decline of 14.1% in 2022 compared to the previous year. This decline can be attributed to supply chain shortages and increased costs of raw materials, which affected both crop production and tractor sales.

Traditionally, farmers relied on diesel engine tractors known for their high power. However, advancements in machinery technology, fuel efficiency, and engine performance have allowed tractors to achieve optimal efficiency with reduced power requirements. The volatility in diesel prices poses budget management challenges for farmers.

The intersection of agriculture and digital technology has opened up new avenues for innovation, paving the way for a smarter agricultural future. Tractor manufacturers are highly competitive, constantly striving to innovate and differentiate their products while ensuring affordability. State-of-the-art technology-based tractors are currently available in the market, incorporating features such as GPS and remote sensing to enhance accuracy and productivity in farming practices.

Market Segmentation

the market is segmented based on various factors, including horsepower, drive type, geography.

Segmentation by Horsepower
Less than 50 HP
50-100 HP
Above 100 HP

Segmentation by Drive Type

Segmentation by Geography

In 2022, the North American agricultural tractor market witnessed a significant market share held by the segment of tractors with less than 50 HP. The steady growth of this low-power range can be attributed to the increased business activities observed among hobby farmers and those involved in livestock farming. These smaller-scale farmers find the lower HP tractors suitable for their needs, contributing to the market’s expansion.

Looking ahead, the forecast period suggests that the sales of tractors with horsepower above 100 HP are expected to grow. This growth can be attributed to the anticipated consolidation of small and medium farmlands in the coming years. As farms consolidate and expand, there will be an increasing demand for higher-powered tractors to effectively manage larger areas and optimize productivity.

The dominance of low-range HP 2WD tractors characterizes the North American agricultural tractor market, commanding a market share of over 95% in 2022. Among the various tractor models available, 2WD tractors are favored the most by farmers in the region. The reasons behind their popularity include their relatively affordable ownership cost, sufficient features and hauling capacity, and the familiarity and convention associated with these tractors. Farmers find them reliable and well-suited to their operational requirements, further bolstering their preference in the market.

Competitive Landscape

In 2022, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, and New Holland emerged as dominant players in the North American tractor market, collectively holding a market share of over 30%. These brands have implemented various strategies to establish their presence and gain market traction.

AGCO and John Deere, for instance, offer direct financing options to farmers, aiming to incentivize them to invest in agricultural equipment. This approach facilitates access to necessary machinery and enables farmers to enhance their productivity.

The United States has observed notable growth in agricultural tractor sales within the North American region in recent years. Prominent vendors such as John Deere and CNH Industrial have placed particular focus on the agricultural machinery market in both the US and Canada. By prioritizing these key markets, these companies aim to capitalize on the demand and cater to the specific needs of farmers in these regions.

Key companies profiled in this report include John Deere, CNH Industrial, AGCO, Kubota, SDF, Mahindra & Mahindra, JCB, CLAAS, KIOTI, Foton Motor, Yanmar.

Recent Industry Developments

John Deere has introduced the latest Electric Variable Transmission (EVT) for a selection of 8 Series Tractors, alongside unveiling the new JD14X engine for the 9 Series.

Massey Ferguson has launched the MF 6S series tractors, which boast advanced technology and provide up to 180 HP.

In February 2022, New Holland North America, a brand of CNH Industrial, made an announcement regarding the release of the world’s first production T6 Methane Power tractor in the United States.

CNH Industrial has formed a partnership with Monarch Tractors, an agri-technology company based in the United States. This collaboration aims to enhance long-term sustainability and raise awareness among farmers about the significance of zero-emission agriculture.

Massey Ferguson has unveiled the MF 8S series tractors, distinguished by the inclusion of a guard-u install engine and a neo-retro design. These tractors are specifically designed to advance smart farming technologies.

Key Questions Answered

What is the projected number of units to be sold in the North America agricultural tractor market by 2028?

The projected number of unit shipments to be sold in the North America agricultural tractor market by 2028 is approximately 391,799.

What is the anticipated growth rate for the North America agricultural tractor market?

The North America agricultural tractor market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.43% from 2022 to 2028.

Which segment in terms of horsepower type is expected to have the largest market share by 2028?

The less than 50 HP horsepower type segment is projected to hold the largest market share by 2028.

Who are the major players in the North America agricultural tractor market?

The key players in the North America agricultural tractor market include John Deere, CNH Industrial, AGCO, and Kubota.

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North America Tractor Market - Outlook and Forecast 2023-2028

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North America Tractor Market - Outlook and Forecast 2023-2028

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