Global Medical Implants Market Research Report Forecast to 2027

Market Overview

The Medical Implant market industry is anticipated to witness substantial growth, with a projected increase from USD 155.5 billion in 2020 to USD 280.0 billion by 2027. This growth corresponds to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.29% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

Medical implants are vital medical devices or tissues that are surgically implanted inside the body. Their purpose is to either replace or provide support to damaged organs, improving organ function or aiding in the identification of abnormalities in the body’s normal functioning. These implants can be placed temporarily or permanently within the human body and can be removed when they are no longer required. The materials used for these implants vary and can include bone, tissue, skin, ceramics, metals, plastics, and other natural substances.

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April 2023

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USD 155.5 billion in 2018

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The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the growing aging population are key factors propelling the expansion of the medical implant market. As individuals age, they become more susceptible to chronic ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, orthopedic disorders, endovascular diseases, and dental disorders. Consequently, elderly individuals represent a significant proportion of medical implant users, relying on implants like kidney and heart implants, artificial joints, and eye implants to improve their quality of life.

With advancements in technology, the development of various implants with diverse applications has become more prevalent. This has contributed to the rising demand for advanced medical devices, further fostering the global market’s growth. However, it is important to note that the high cost associated with medical implant treatments acts as a limiting factor for market expansion.

Market Segmentation

The market is segmented based on various factors, including type, material, end user, and region.

Segmentation by Type
Orthopedic Implants
Cardiac Implant
Spinal Implants
Dental Implants
Ophthalmic Implants
Cosmetic Implant

Segmentation by Material
Metallic Material
Ceramic Material
Polymers Material
Segmentation by End User
Hospitals & Clinics
Specialty Centers

Segmentation by Region
Middle East & Africa

The orthopedic implants segment held a significant market share of 37.2% in 2019 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.16% during the assessment period. Orthopedic implants are medical devices used for bone fixation and various devices such as interlocking nails, safety locking plates, pins, wires, and screws are utilized in these procedures. The demand for knee replacements is high, with over 790,000 surgeries performed annually in the United States alone. Countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Luxembourg, and Belgium also have high rates of hip and knee replacements. Major players in the market are focused on introducing new products and acquiring complementary businesses to gain market share. For example, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies acquired JointPoint, Inc. to enhance surgical outcomes in hip replacements through navigation software.

Metals like stainless steel, cobalt-chromium alloys, and titanium are commonly used in orthopedic implants. Titanium alloys, known for their strength and durability, are widely used. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is suitable for non-permanent implants due to its lower fatigue strength. Concerns about ion release in vivo exist despite good corrosion resistance, as certain metals are known carcinogens. Metals and alloys are also used in other medical devices like dental fillings and pacemakers.

In 2019, hospitals and clinics accounted for the largest market share of 49.6%, and this segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.61% during the forecast period. The growth is driven by the increasing number of procedures requiring medical implants, as well as the rising incidences of chronic diseases and age-related trauma. Technological advancements and growing awareness among healthcare professionals are also contributing to the demand for medical implants in this segment.

The Americas dominated the medical implant market in 2019 and is expected to maintain its position. This can be attributed to the high prevalence of chronic diseases, product innovation, and technological advancements in the region. Additionally, the growing elderly population in the Americas contributes to market growth. For example, the US has the largest medical device market globally, and the region is witnessing an increase in the population aged 65 and above suffering from cardiac and orthopedic issues.

Regional players are focused on new product development to expand their portfolios. In Asia-Pacific, a significant growth rate is expected due to the projected rise in the population aged 65 and above. The increasing disposable income of middle-class families and their willingness to spend on healthcare also drive the growth of the medical implant market in this region.

Furthermore, road accidents and the prevalence of osteoporosis in countries like China contribute to the market growth of medical implants. Road traffic accidents result in a significant number of injuries globally, with higher risks in low-income countries. China faces a substantial burden of osteoporosis, leading to numerous hip fractures annually.

Competitive Landscape

The global medical implants market is highly competitive, with numerous global, regional, and local vendors catering to the demand generated by a large patient pool in need of medical implants. These players employ various strategies to gain a significant market share, such as expanding into untapped markets, launching innovative products, forming collaborative agreements, and improving operational efficiency. Through the analysis, it was evident that market players have adopted diverse strategies and innovative research and development techniques to expand their businesses and secure their positions in the global medical implants market. Particularly, strategic collaborations for product development and regional expansion into untapped markets have been employed to achieve operational efficiency.

One of the leading players in the medical implants field is Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc., which accounted for a 12.40% market share in 2019. The company offers a wide range of medical implant products, including MemoryGelXtra, MENTOR, and OPSUMIT. Johnson & Johnson focuses on organic growth strategies to maintain its market share. Institut Straumann AG holds the second-largest market share with 11.34% in 2019, known for its dental implants in the global medical implants market. The company’s strong research and development pipeline and efforts in inorganic growth contribute to its aim of capturing a larger market share. 3M ranks third with a 10.23% market share in 2019, offering products in healthcare, automotive, commercial solutions, communication, consumer design and construction, electronics, energy, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and safety and transportation industries. The company provides MDI Collared O Ball Head and MDI Block Out Shim l Implants products in the market. Its innovative product line contributes to its goal of gaining a significant market share. Medtronic holds the fourth-largest market share, contributing approximately 9.50% to the global medical implants market. The company offers Cobalt ICD, a medical implant product, and is supported by a strong research and development pipeline and inorganic growth efforts. Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc. ranks fifth with approximately 8.34% contribution to the global medical implants market. The company offers T3 Implants, a medical implant product, using its innovative product line to strive for a maximum market share.

Key Companies Profiled in this report include Johnson & Johnson Services Inc, Institut Straumann AG, 3M, Medtronic, Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc, Stryker Corporation, Boston Scientific Corporation, Smith & Nephew, Dentsply Sirona.

Recent Industry Developments

In September 2019, Carbon, a 3D printing company, embarked on the launch of a novel, high-quality denture workflow and material system in collaboration with Dentsply Sirona, a prominent manufacturer of professional dental products. This partnership aims to enhance the process of 3D printing dental prostheses and improve the overall quality of dentures. The introduction of this advanced workflow and material system allows Carbon to expand its business in the field.

In June 2020, Boston Scientific Corporation announced the controlled launch of the ACURATE neo2™ Aortic Valve System in Europe. This innovative transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) technology represents a significant advancement over the original ACURATE neo platform, designed to enhance its clinical performance and outcomes.

In October 2020, Medtronic plc unveiled the Adaptix™ Interbody System in the United States. This pioneering system, crafted from titanium, introduces the first-ever navigated implant with Titan nanoLOCK™ Surface Technology. By integrating a combination of surface textures at the macro, micro, and nano levels, this 3D printed titanium implant, developed in-house by Medtronic engineers, incorporates the cutting-edge Titan nanoLOCK Surface Technology.

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Global Medical Implants Market Research Report Forecast to 2027

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Global Medical Implants Market Research Report Forecast to 2027

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