Global Disposable Gloves Market - Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026

Market Overview

The global market for disposable gloves is projected to expand at a CAGR of 10.84%, reaching a size of USD 32.24 billion by 2026. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in demand for examination gloves among physicians and frontline workers worldwide. Consequently, the production cost has significantly increased, resulting in a supply-demand imbalance. The medical industry represents the largest market for vinyl examination gloves. The pandemic has greatly disrupted logistics due to the closure of borders across the globe.

Countries like China and India, with their massive populations of 1.4 billion and 1.35 billion respectively, even a slight increase in glove usage can have a significant impact on the market. Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, which are major producers of natural rubber and latex, also faced delays in supplying raw materials to manufacturers due to the pandemic. Additionally, the food industry has witnessed a rising demand for disposable gloves as new guidelines aim to prevent cross-contamination and food poisoning. These gloves effectively act as a barrier, reducing the transfer of microorganisms from hands to food. Companies focusing on product development and expanding production capacity are expected to drive market growth from 2021 to 2026. Europe is expected to hold a substantial share of approximately 31.15% in the disposable gloves market by 2026.

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Market Report

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July 2021

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Market Size

USD 17.4 billion in 2019

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Product Type, Form, End User, Distribution Channel, and Geography



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The increasing number of surgical procedures globally is a key factor driving the demand for medical gloves. There is also a growing trend of double gloving during surgeries, further boosting the global medical gloves market. Manufacturers are prioritizing the expansion of production capacity for medical gloves in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, contributing to the current surge in sales. The nitrile gloves segment is expected to experience significant growth, with an incremental revenue of USD 6.46 billion by 2026, primarily driven by its expanding applications in the medical field. The influence of medical tourism is anticipated to contribute to a 15% increase in disposable glove sales during the forecast period. In 2021, the latex powder-free segment accounted for 20% of the market, followed by latex powdered with 13% of its revenue.

Market Segmentation

The market is segmented based on various factors, including product type, form, end user, distribution channel, and geography.

Product Type

Powder Free

Medical – Surgical, Examination
Non-Medical – Industrial, Chemical, Food, and Others

Distribution Channel

Segmentation by Geography
North America – US, Canada
Europe – Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain
APAC – China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia
Latin America – Brazil, Mexico, Argentina
Middle East & Africa – South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE

In 2020, the powder-free type dominated the global disposable gloves market, accounting for 68.84% of the market share. Within the medical glove segment, which accounted for 55.12% of the total share, surgical gloves were particularly notable. These gloves are sterile to ensure the safety and effectiveness of surgical procedures. They also offer a more precise range of sizing, providing ultimate comfort and dexterity during longer surgeries.

The examination glove segment held a significant share of 82.32% in the medical disposable gloves market in 2020. These gloves are primarily used to prevent the transmission of infectious agents between patients and healthcare providers.

The B2B/institutional segment accounted for 74.89% of the global disposable gloves market in 2020. In the medical glove sector, group purchasing organizations (GPOs) often procure products directly from manufacturers in large volumes at cost-effective prices.

Nitrile gloves occupied the largest market share of 41.55%, followed by latex, vinyl, neoprene, and other materials.

Europe stands as one of the dominant markets in the disposable gloves industry, with the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy being major revenue contributors. For example, the demand for gloves has increased in Italy due to strict hygiene guidelines in the food and beverage industry. Germany, known for its manufacturing sector in industries such as automobile, machine building, chemical, and food processing, further drives the demand for disposable gloves.

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region presents substantial market opportunities for players in the disposable gloves market. Countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia are home to major glove manufacturers. Additionally, China, India, and Sri Lanka also contribute to some extent. However, the per capita consumption of gloves in these developing countries is relatively low compared to developed nations. Limited awareness regarding personal hygiene in the region hinders the widespread usage of medical gloves.

Competitive Landscape

The global medical gloves market is characterized by consolidation, with a few key players dominating the majority of the market share. These key players, including Ansell, Kossan, Hartalega Holdings, Rubberex, and others, contribute to over 65% of the market share (Tier I). The remaining market share is held by regional and local players (Tier II). Both established and emerging players in the market are involved in the development and commercialization of disposable hand gloves with advanced features such as antimicrobial properties and temperature resistance.

For instance, in June 2019, Top Glove introduced its Biogreen Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves, showcasing their commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly products. Furthermore, leading players in the market focus on implementing various strategies to strengthen their position. These strategies include establishing strategic collaborations, increasing investments in research and development, launching new products, and enhancing their distribution networks, all aimed at improving profits and expanding their presence in the market.

Key companies profiled in this report include Top Glove, Kossan, Hartalega, Rubberex, Ansell, Asma Rubber Products, Ammex, Adenna, Acteon, Adventa Health, Akzenta International, Alboland, ASID-BONZ GmbH, B. Brawn Melsungen AG, Berner International, Body Products, Barber Healthcare, Comfort Rubber Gloves, Cardinal Health, Ceabis, Dynarex, Demophorious Healthcare, Erenler Medikal, Infitec Gloves, Kimberly-Clark, Kanam, Mapa Professional, Medicom, Molnlycke, Mercator Medical, Medline, Medpride, Nulife, Neomedic, O&M Halyard, Primus Gloves, Riverstone Holdings, RFB Latex, Robinson Healthcare, Sempermed, Sara Healthcare, Shandong Xingyu Gloves, Safeshield India Rubber Products, Supermax, Sas Safety Corp, Showa, Superior Glove, Sri Trang, Tan Sian Lian Industries, The Glove Company, Unigloves, Venom Steel, Winmed Group, Wujiang Evergreen, YTY Group, Zhangjiagagang Dayu Rubber Products, 3M.

Key Questions Answered

What is the projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the disposable gloves market during the forecast period of 2021-2026?

The disposable gloves market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.84% during the period of 2021-2026.

What are the factors that are driving the growth of the disposable gloves market?

The disposable gloves market is being driven by factors such as the increasing number of surgeries, growing awareness of self-health and hygiene in developing countries, and the growth of cleanroom technology.

Which region is expected to have the largest market share in the disposable gloves market?

Europe is expected to have the highest market share in the disposable gloves market.

What are the top trends in the disposable gloves market?

The top trends in the disposable gloves market include the double glove trend, increased usage in the food and beverage industry, and a preference for nitrile gloves over latex or vinyl gloves due to environmental concerns.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on the global disposable gloves market?

The demand for examination gloves has significantly increased worldwide among physicians and front-line workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Global Disposable Gloves Market - Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026

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Global Disposable Gloves Market - Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026

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